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Manitoba: Earth's New Fashion Capital?

 Style Satellites Zero In On Canadian Prairie. 

It's the result of a collaboration between online clothier Betabrand and space startup Planet Labs to create a new collection of garments with orbital inspiration.  

The folks at Planet Labs design, build, and operate microsatellites they call “Doves." Dozens of these Doves are orbiting the Earth at this very moment, capturing vivid images from around the world.

The print on this particular jacket shows off the snow-covered fields and creeks of Portage la Prairie, soon to be as synonymous with fashion as Paris and Milan.

Says Betabrand founder Chris Lindland, “Who needs graphic designers when Earth provides incomparable patterns like the Central Plains of Manitoba — or, for that matter, this lake in Kazakhstan?” 

"If these designs prove popular in crowdfunding,” he continues, “Betabrand will encourage Planet Labs to send satellites to shoot the surface of Mercury; it’s sure to be super-hot this fall.”  

About Betabrand:

San Francisco-based Betabrand is a crowdfunding clothing company that releases new designs daily. 

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