♫ .@Vado_MH Feat. .@ChinxMusic "What's Beef" ♫

Vado Ft. Chinx "What's Beef" Prod. by Dolla Bill Kidz

Vado has released a tribute and feature of Chinx on he Biggie-sampled "What's Beef," featuring a hook from the fallen rapper, as well as an intro that samples the news broadcast of Chinx’s death. The raw, concise, and deliberate track is not only hot, but it’s also a touching nod to Chinx’s talent, ability, and “gone-to-soon” status.

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♫ .@Vado_MH Feat. .@ChinxMusic "What's Beef" ♫ ♫ .@Vado_MH Feat. .@ChinxMusic "What's Beef" ♫ Reviewed by Tony G on August 13, 2015 Rating: 5

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