.@Betabrand Unveils World's Slimmest Backpack

Betabrand Unveils World's Slimmest Backpack

Laptop owners rejoice!  It's so thin, you can wear it underneath your coat.

Designer Dave Ward used to have a problem.
See, his daily commute involves a nice long walk through a not-so-nice neighborhood, the sort of place he'd rather not advertise his gleaming new MacBook Air.
If only there were a way to keep his laptop completely hidden, Dave thought, a way that doesn't include a needlessly cavernous backpack or messenger bag.

His inspired solution: The Under-the-Jack Pack -- an ultra-slim backpack designed to wear beneath your jacket or hoodie. Think of it as a stealth fighter that's impervious to enemy radar.

Some observations from Dave's test-piloting:

1. Rain jackets are far better designed to keep you dry than backpacks -- so why not stow your laptop in a drier place?
2. The narrow profile makes you less likely to bump into others on busy buses. You can also avoid knocking over beers at crowded Happy Hours.
3. It's a fine way to avoid weight restrictions that airlines impose on carry-ons.
4. Makes you less of a target for pick-pockets and bag-snaggers in foreign places.
5. It's a sleek-looking backpack, should you choose to advertise that you're wearing it.

The Under-The-Jack Pack launched in crowdfunding on Betabrand last week and it's already surpassed 160% of its goal. Production is now underway and bags will ship as soon as December.
About Betabrand:

San Francisco-based Betabrand is a crowdfunding clothing company that releases new designs daily. 
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