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In the past few decades, we’ve created technically advanced fabrics that allow people to climb the highest mountains, cross the hottest deserts, and perform to unbelievable levels while competing in athletic endeavors. Yet the average man is still wearing denim that hasn’t changed in over a hundred years.

Now we are reinventing denim by taking the latest in advanced fabric technology, much of it borrowed from the sports world, and infusing the technology in to our jeans.

We employ a “design collaborative” model that does not start with trend, but rather begins by working with modern active man. We are curious about how men live, what they do, and how we can help them live more effortlessly while still looking great.

Sitting on the edge of mountains and beaches, Vancouver is known for a lifestyle where you go to work and are active whether there is sun, rain, heat, cold or mud. We design denim that works for whatever you do. From biking to snowshoeing and canoeing to hiking, DU/ER allows you to move throughout your day while doing it all in style.


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