.@Grovemade: Handmade Wood and Leather Accessories

Grovemade: Handmade Wood and Leather Accessories

Desk Collection: Walnut
 Sleeve: Maple

Grovemade: Sleeves
Premium wood veneer sleeve with geometric contouring offers style and protection for MacBooks & iPads

  • Features geometric contouring created from laser cut Eastern Hardrock Maple or Oregon Walnut
  • Lined with premium German wool to avoid scratches and scuffs
  • Includes a brass and leather strap to effortlessly remove MacBooks and iPads in one swift motion
  • Carefully crafted sleeves are hand-sanded and oiled for a craftsman-like quality
  • Available for the iPad Mini and iPad Mini with Retina Display, the iPad Air, and the 13” MacBook Air
  • 100% made in Portland, Oregon
Available at: Grovemade.com
Price:  iPad Mini $79 / iPad Air $89 / 13” MacBook $99

 Desk Collection: Maple

Grovemade: Desk Collection
Handcrafted desk collection made from domestic hardwoods and leather adorns work spaces and provides ergonomic comfort

  • Brings order to work spaces and provides design continuity
  • Small, ergonomic adjustments can improve health: neck pain, back pain, & wrist discomfort
  • Made 100% in Portland, Oregon from all natural materials, including domestic hardwoods & vegetable tanned leather
  • Available in either Eastern Hardrock Maple or Black Walnut
  • Monitor Stand or Laptop Stand:Elevates monitors and laptops to improve ergonomics & creates space for other desk accessories ($119)
  • Keyboard Tray: Compatible with Mac’s iconic keyboard profile, doubling as a storage tray for business cards, pens, & keyboard batteries ($99)
  • iPhone Dock: Crafted from domestic hardwoods and solid steel to keep your charger cable in place while plugging and unplugging your phone ($99)
  • Keyboard Wrist Pad: Ergonomically designed to elevate wrists and reduce wrist pain, crafted from a combination of hardwoods and leather ($49)
  • Trackpad Tray: Supremely stylish and functional accent tray features iconic design and increased storage space ($59)
  • Mouse Pad: Crafted from natural hardwoods and leather, it is machined to double as a pen tray ($79)
  • Pen Pot: Crafted from domestic hardwoods and features an aluminum insert ($39)
  • Desk Lamp: Features red cloth-wrapped cord and porcelain socket and available with a 30 watt radio tube bulb ($99)
  • Planter: Available in tall and short & features an aluminum insert, perfect for succulents ($29-$39)
  • Paper Clip Dish: Desk tray designed to hold small desk accessories, such as paper clips and push pins ($29)
Available at: Grovemade.com
Price: $29-$119

Everyday Carry Collection

Grovemade: Everyday Carry Collection
Everyday essentials designed to go where you go

  • Minimalist Wallet: Sleek wallet design offers quick access to cards and eliminates unnecessary clutter ($99)
  • Key Ring: Stylish Key Ring firmly secures keys for everyday carry and features a discreet bottle opener ($39-$59)
  • Leather iPhone Cases: iPhone case crafted entirely from natural materials, fuses the world’s first entire wood frame with a supple leather cover ($129-$139)
  • iPhone Cases: Newly designed cases made entirely from domestic hardwoods offer durable and stylish options for early adopters ($69-$109)
  • Wood Watch: Timekeeping evolved with handcrafted watches that offer a cutting-edge take on the traditional timepiece ($239)
Available at: Grovemade.com
Price: $39-$239
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