.@Jamstik+: Learn and create music with new Bluetooth instruments

Jamstik+: Learn and create music with new Bluetooth instruments 


SmartGuitar connects via Bluetooth Smart to Apple devices to create music anywhere and at any time

  • The easiest way to learn guitar that works with iPhone, iPad or Mac and bundled apps to walk you through an interactive learning process step by step
  • Bluetooth Smart keeps your Wi-Fi connections free on your apple devices letting you browse YouTube videos or download apps
  • Ultra-portable, wireless and features real strings and frets to maintain the feel of a traditional guitar
  • Uses infrared light sensing fretboard that “sees” finger placement and provides real-time feedback
  • With MIDI capabilities, can generate the sound of virtually any instrument in addition to the guitar
  • Compatible with Apple’s Garageband and hundreds of additional apps
  • Utilizes a suite of custom applications for maximum versatility :
    • JamTutor: A virtual tutor that provides real-time feedback to ensure proper finger positioning and technique
    • Arcade Mode: Leverages an arcade-style interface for learning TAB
    • JamMix: A hybrid DJ-guitar music remix application that allows players to have fun playing music no matter their experience level
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery provides up to 10 hours of use
  • Compatible with iPad3+, iPhone 4s and newer and MAC 2013+
  • Also comes in white and blue
Available at: jamstik.com, select Apple stores, apple.com, Amazon.com, brookstone.com
Price: $299.99
Website: www.jamstik.com

.@Jamstik+: Learn and create music with new Bluetooth instruments .@Jamstik+: Learn and create music with new Bluetooth instruments Reviewed by Tony G on October 14, 2015 Rating: 5

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