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(Invitation Only) Directed by - Ty Black

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Toronto singer Jayd Ink makes silky R&B that feels like it pulls you right up close: with her soft, airy vocal, she echoes 90s-style hooks through 2015 production on her Invitation Only EP. The title track—and its video, premiering above—is a peek into her world, where a line like I know you came to turn up is less like the climax of a club banger and more like a low-key, VIP invitation.
"'Invitation Only' is really just a vibe," Jayd explained to The FADER in an email. "It's for those people that don't necessarily go out to clubs on the regular, but prefer to have a house party or a private event. That's more my vibe. The video was shot in Toronto and in an area we call Brampton. We kinda crashed the party. I thought it would be better to have an actual party going on rather than having it staged for a video, so it was a lot of fun.
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