The new LG V10

The all new LG V10

LG announced that the LG V10 kicks off a new line of handsets that's meant to play at an even higher level than the LG G series that fostered the LG G4. This is mostly because the phone is larger (which many now equate with better) and because it's made of metal and not plastic, unlike the G4.
Also, with a second front-facing camera lens, the V10 here does indeed pack in more hardware. We don't have exact prices yet, but we do know that LG is pricing it in the same category as the iPhone 6S Plus, which, unlocked, is in the $700/£619/AU$1,229 range. - CNET

 The LG V10's second screen stores shortcuts to favorite people and apps.

 Once you take a photo, you're prompted to share on social networks. 

Multi-view shares three photos and video in a single setting.

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