Topshop Unique - London Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2016

Spring/Summer 2016

The family organizes a garden party, and the daughter returns back to her old, bourgeois home town.
For Topshop Unique’s spring/summer line, Creative Director Kate Phelan staged the models as rebellious beauties who want to have fun, and who fulfill the garden party’s dresscode with a certain twinkle. It tells us the next episode of the Topshop story: the last show presented the girl’s way from the country to the city, whereas this line focuses on the short visit to her home town.

It seems as if the Topshop girl would have picked a heirloom out of her grand- aunt’s closet, and combined it with her own fashionable elements from the city. A tight leather top is being worn with a floral summer skirt in black and white, and a gaudy cardigan sliding over the shoulders with a provocatively transparent flower dress. The chiffon blouse in leopard print is daringly being jazzed up with a pale pink leather skirt that is laced in the front, an orange oversized pullover is being slipped on over the silky leopard print dress; plus a black fur stole in case it’s getting chilly at the garden party.

Accessories matching most of the outfits are creatively long earrings, and bright red lips.
For Topshop Unique, Phelan Altes combines the old with the new by setting the focus on typically British elements such as the traditional ivy patterns, and plain slipovers.


Hairstyling: Anthony Turner , Produkte: L’Oreal Professionnel
Make-up: Hannah Murray at Art + Commerce, Products: Topshop Beauty Nail design: Anatole Rainey
Styling: Beth Fenton
Casting: Rosie Vogel at CLM
Music: Raf Rundell
Production: Family
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