7500 and counting add voice to petition asking recording superstar to film video encouraging youth to vote
“Drizzy, Make us Proud,” asks petition-starter Karilynn Ming Ho of Vancouver
Youth civic engagement organization Apathy is Boring supports effort

Karilynn Ming Ho believes Drake can help make this election “the best we ever had” by inspiring young people to vote.
Karilynn has launched a fast-growing petition on ( asking the popular rapper to film a short video a short nonpartisan video PSA, broadcasted via social media, to encourage Canadian youth to register and get out and vote in the October 19 federal election.  
Statistically, those between the ages of 18 and 34 have the lowest voter turnout, notes Karilynn on her petition. “As it happens,” she says, “18-34 is also Canadian rapper Drake's largest demographic.”
She may be on to something: over 7000 Canadians have signed her petition since Monday. “We started at the bottom with just a few signatures,” she said, “but now support is growing fast. A lot of people like this idea, many who have signed are his fans -- hopefully, Drizzy will come through for us!”
Karilynn’s campaign received another big boost today with an endorsement from Apathy is Boring, a national non-partisan group dedicated to youth civic engagement.
“As an organization aiming to increase voter turnout come October 19th, we applaud Karilynn’s creative efforts to get her peers to vote in the upcoming election,” said Apathy is Boring’s Executive Director Caro Loutfi.
Karilynn is hopeful all the support and attention her idea is getting will help make sure Drake knows about it and considers the request: “I truly believe this could have a huge positive effect on voter turnout for young Canadians, and if they vote in this election they will probably show up in future ones too,” she said. “So Drake, if you’re reading this, will you show up and make us proud?”

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