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NBC, Adam Levine, The Executive Producer of “The Voice” with the esteemed Director of “Wedding Crashers” extends a very special invitation to enhance a milestone event of a deserving person, and we need your help to find some worthy lives to celebrate.
Nominate families, friends, mentors, teachers or anyone special with an upcoming celebration in the Los Angeles area in and around the month of March. Just take a second and imagine what you could do in order to be the greatest colleague, friend, sibling, parent, or son/daughter in the world.
Here’s how - You let us know what celebrity, movie star, athlete, or musician would blow their mind, and we’ll have them crash the party. The only catch is this: you have to keep the secret, and work with us behind the scenes to make this whole thing possible.

Now Casting: .@NBC & .@adamlevine - CELEBration / .@doronofircast Now Casting: .@NBC & .@adamlevine - CELEBration / .@doronofircast Reviewed by FADED4U on December 20, 2015 Rating: 5

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