Executive Produced by @SmokeDZA! 'Stay Golden' EP will be releasing on December, 8th 



- Twon shows he is just playing with word play, only the best fr the Upperclass.


- I am speechless. From the production the beat pulls you in to the open verse, you know its a classic within the first 15-20 seconds of hearing the song.  You're able to feel TWON's pain in these verses as he takes you on a rollercoaster ride relatable to your everyday life. 


- This track takes me back to Jay Z 's first album as the sax and the piano can't be ignored. Luxury on a track is luxury to your ears. This track is self-explanatory.

*Million Dollar Babies*

This track explains the struggles we go through. We are born kings but society wants us to be dumbed down. Describing the cycle of a black man, they try to keep our eyes closed and grounded, keeping us from rising above. 

*My Last* (Reply)

This is his last reply, sharing the daily bull that he deals with. There comes a point in everyone's life, no matter what position you play, that you get tired of everything. After all, we're only human. 

**Nas Interlude**

*Too Committed* 
Feat. Smoke DZA 

This track sticks to the title, with his clever word play and deliverance along side a pinnacle in the game Smoke DZA. 


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