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Website Launch for Innovative Leather Hats

After years of a repetitive, predictable design, Montreal born clothing designer Teddy Duchamps is changing that image of SnapBacks with an innovative artist approach. His revolutionary snapback incorporates leather, zippers and street style into one design. Dü has launched their website today for the public, with exciting new designs and highly-anticipated new products. 

Düchamps1887 Double Zipper Brim (DZB) hat mission is to revolutionize the snapback and hat apparel industry. They are taking a high fashion approach to the hats by using the latest trending seasonal fabrics to compliment their already unique, first-of-its-kind, patent-pending snapback bill.

In 2007, Teddy made the decision to strike out on his own for Los Angeles to conquer a larger market.

Combining these experiences with fashion and networking Teddy has a proven track record of designing and creating cutting edge clothes for some of the world¹s A-List celebrities: Avril Lavigne, Jada Pinkett and Will Smith, Richie Sambora, Mega Death, Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal, Cris Angel, and Johnny Depp.

The idea for the patent-pending creation for DZB snapback came from Teddy¹s journey of traveling from one country to another. He is now based in Los Angeles, or as he refers to it as ³the city to chase your American Dream². While he loves being a local, he is prepping to showcase the Düchamps brand to the world. His background includes an extensive resume of fashion, events and being an all around trendsetter.

Teddy has produced parties & events for Timbaland, Nick Lachey, Tori Spelling, The MuchMusic Video awards, John Legend, Tommy Lee, DJ AM, DJ Vice, Tenacious D, & Incubus and as well as L¹Oreal Fashion Week.

Düchamps1887 is a brand that engages the upcoming and fashionably savy generation with mixed styles from Teddy¹s hip-hop connections and industry experiences. The new DZB is one of many innovative designs to come out of the Düchamp¹s collection.

Visit the website here at 

About Düchamps1887: The brand kept a close eye on how people expressed themselves fashionably in different ways in the different cultures from Shanghai to Tokyo, Milan to Vietnam. One thing was a universal trend: The Snap Back hat.
Upon arriving back to Los Angeles, the Düchamps1887 brand combined all collected ideas, trends and inspiration and paired them with years of the brands unique design techniques. After months in the design studio, The Düchamps1887 brand decided that they would reverse engineer the snap back hat and challenge the traditional rule of the full brim. The result was a revolutionary patent pending propriety Double Zipper Brim snap back hat (AKA: The Düchamps1887 DZB) & Snap Skinz.
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