.@JutesMusic Cocaine Cinderella" Premiere and "Much Love" Double-EP ADVANCE


The Musebox today announced that buzzing Toronto hip-hop artist Jutes has released his new single, “Cocaine Cinderella.”  The new single, which invites listeners into the mind of a guy in serious love withdrawal sets the tone for his Much Love EP set to drop on February 12th.

According to Jutes, the inspiration for the song came from the title of an old Johnny Cash song called “Cocaine Carolina”.  There is a definite post grunge flavor to the song which combines raw, candid lyrics with a mainstream aesthetic.  The upbeat, almost playful chorus contrasts with verses that run the gamut of  emotion from bitterness and regret to hopeful longing and a vulnerable confession of love.

“I really liked the idea of combining light and dark.  The drug reference is a metaphor for the addictive nature of love.  In this song the heart craves to experience the high that comes with being in love even though the mind knows that the relationship is over.”

Jutes is considered part of Toronto’s "new school" of genre-blending hip-hop artists.  A talented rapper with a knack for melody and catchy hooks, Jutes likes to experiment with sounds citing Red Hot Chili Peppers, Third Eye Blind and Kid Cudi among his influences. With such eclectic musical tastes,  Jutes brings something new to the table with each new release.  Jutes’ goal is to create music that is fresh and unique without having to put a label on it.  

“Whether you label me alternative hip-hop, rap-rock, or hip-pop, my goal is to create great music.  With each new release I want there to be an element of surprise. I have developed a reputation among fans for being both authentic and accessible, and it is important to me that I stay true to who I am but continue to evolve as an artist.”

With his 2012 debut, The ChodeLife EP,  Jutes’ slacker-friendly approach to life immediately resonated with young fans.  This was someone they could relate to.  With his next two releases, Space Highway and Breadcrumbs, Jutes showed he had the chops to be taken seriously as an artist.  His upcoming EP, Much Love, looks to be his strongest work to date.  Where Jutes really shines is in live performance.  Teamed up with high school friend and guitarist Rubber Buzzard, the charismatic duo leave it all on the stage at every show. Jutes has shared the stage with popular US and Canadian artists such as The Dirty Heads, Modsun, Cisco Adler, Aer, Cam Meekins, Mike Stud, Huey Mack, Camm Hunter,  SonReal and Pryde. More information on Jutes is available on his official website.

.@JutesMusic Cocaine Cinderella" Premiere and "Much Love" Double-EP ADVANCE .@JutesMusic Cocaine Cinderella" Premiere and "Much Love" Double-EP ADVANCE Reviewed by FADED4U on January 07, 2016 Rating: 5

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