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Martial Vivot Launches Exclusive Luxury Grooming Product at Barneys' New Downtown NYC Opening
Renowned Men's Hairstylist Offers Shampoo and Conditioner Box Set to Celebrate Barneys Downtown Return
Gentleman's Grooming Guru, Martial Vivot, is introducing a sophisticated grooming line for hair box set to be sold exclusively at Barneys' new downtown flagship store. The luxurious store opened its doors this week in Chelsea at Seventh Avenue and 16th Street in New York City.
"There's no better way to celebrate my one year anniversary with Barneys than to be a part of their historic return to downtown." says Martial Vivot.
The box set, exclusively available at Barneys downtown, will include Martial's 7.3oz shampoo and 7.3oz conditioner, retailing at $89. The products are expertly formulated with all natural, organic plant-derived ingredients to nourish, replenish and hydrate the hair along with vitamins and minerals to energize the scalp, promote healthy hair growth, densify and strengthen the hair, and help prevent graying.

For more information about Martial Vivot, visit www.martialvivot.com.
About Martial Vivot
Martial Vivot is a world renowned men's hairstylist and authority on men's grooming. In July 2008, Vivot launched Salon Pour Hommes in New York City, a high-end men's salon that offers expert service from world-class stylists; a destination of masculine, upscale sophistication. In 2013, Vivot launched The Martial Vivot Grooming Line for Hair and Face offering luxury products made with premium natural and organic ingredients, available at Salon Pour Hommes and Barneys. Vivot is a trendsetter in the world of men's grooming needs, styling the hair of Hollywood's and the music industry's leading men along with modern, successful gentlemen of today.

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