TUW Ruhla Watches - Comeback of a Legend

TUW Ruhla. 

Ruhla, being a small town located in the central-German region of Thuringia, has had a vibrant watch making history for over 100 years. In 1991, this production ceased. However, its time to bring it back with TUW Ruhla. 

TUW Ruhla stands for Thüringer Uhren Werke Ruhla= Thuringian Watch Works Ruhla.Around 1862, Ruhla developed into a watch making town as the steep hills and dense woods made agricultural work there unfeasible. Nonetheless, Ruhla was a very important part of Germany’s watch making industry.  

The goal of Ruhla has always been to make watches that the “average Joe” could wear, love and most importantly, afford. The name always stood for something that was reliable and solid watch making combined with an excellent price. In 1908, the first mass-produced wristwatch was created in Ruhla 

TUW Ruhla revives Ruhla’s unique watch designs while adding a contemporary look. The creators have been in the watch industry for 10 years and worked with many watch brands and accessories such as straps and bracelets. TUW Ruhla strives to pay homage to the earlier designs of Ruhla watches as well as help them cross over to the 21st century with innovative looks. For the time being, the have chosen to focus on the Thuringia model.  

The Thuringia is definitely a conversation starter with its unique design.
By Vanessa K

 Thurigina gents with mesh bracelet 

 Thuringia Ladies
 Thuringia Vintage Gents
Thuringia Vintage Ladies
 Impressions of the trial assembly

During the assembly
 Fitting the movement
 Case design of the Thuringia Automatic model

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