Former Clipse Member .@NoMalice757 Re-Emerges with First New Single in More than Two Years

Former Clipse Member No Malice Re-Emerges with 
First New Single in More than Two Years

Best Believe It' Available Now on iTunes

A new single from former Clipse member No Malice, "Best Believe It," dropped this week on iTunes. The song is the hip-hop artist's first new track since the release of his debut solo project in August 2013, "Hear Ye Him."

"Best Believe It" features a new up-and-coming emcee, MD Uno, and reminds fans of No Malice's lyrical superiority that first rocketed him to fame through the Clipse. But the clever rhymes of this new song carry a different message about the dope game than those of No Malice's coke-rap lyrics from the past.

"Ain't no level that y'all can get with me on; all that blow wasn't enough to ski on," No Malice delivers in "Best Believe It." "I ain't looked back ever since I was reborn; now I'm in my two-three Jordan and LeBron."

The song is part of the "Movin' Weight" album, which takes listeners on a journey through the lives of those who have first-hand experience with street life. The album features sounds and rhythms faithful to the origins of the hip-hop genre, while also infusing soulful harmonies and melodies that embody the struggles of the inner city. Using touches of jazz and R&B, each song tells part of a larger story — a story that begins with the idea of movin' weight, but ends with deeper spiritual truths about the condition of the soul.

"This is not just an album, it's an experience in storytelling," said Executive Producer Brandon Ricks. "From the first track to the last, listeners will feel the emotions and the inevitable low points of being involved in street life."

"Movin Weight" was inspired by ""The End of Malice," a 40-minute intoxicating, first-person narrative of the life of No Malice, an extraordinary artist confronting the dualities of fame and family, success in the dope game, and the demanding world of mainstream music. 

Featuring commentary from Malice's brother and fellow Clipse member, Pusha T, as well as his close friend, Pharrell Williams, "The End of Malice" gives never-before-seen insight into Clipse's successful rise as pioneers of the hip-hop subgenre, coke-rap, and Malice's abrupt departure from it all that still has fans begging for more.
"The End of Malice" premieres on REVOLT TV on Sunday, March 27 at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT.

"Movin Weight" is currently available for pre-order purchase through iTunes via The album's official release is March 25.

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Former Clipse Member .@NoMalice757 Re-Emerges with First New Single in More than Two Years Former Clipse Member .@NoMalice757 Re-Emerges with First New Single in More than Two Years Reviewed by FADED4U on March 21, 2016 Rating: 5

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