.@karman90210 - New Track "Yew" on Noisey || 'Heaven Complex' EP Out This Summer

New Track "Yew" on Noisey || 'Heaven Complex' EP Out This Summer

Photo Cred: John Clayton Lee

Like most Karman tracks, "Yew" is the kinda song that instantly evokes images and landscapes like the score to a retro-futurist Nordic birding documentary. " - NOISEY
With production credits on Yung Lean's new record and making the cover of Heroine mag's Spring/Summer issue, Beverly Hills producer Karman recently announced a new exciting EP in the works and premiered the first single "Yew" on Noisey last week. His EP titled Heaven Complex will come out early summer. 

At the first sign of 2014, 1994-born Los Angeles native Hunter Karman (dubbed Karman) independently dropped “2005 Forever”; including a remix from Yung Sherman and artwork by Terrel Davis. The Beverly Hills born composer then underwent a 7 show scheme; 5 performances in random venus throughout New York City, and the last 2 in Los Angeles, the final one being with Evian Christ at his Fader & IHC presented show. On the heels of the mini-tour, a mix with Live For The Funk was published. Shortly thereafter, Comedy Central picked up Karman’s “Steady Now” remix with an added Tasha the Amazon verse for their show Broad City.

Following the TV placement, Karman was selected as one of three finalists for the Def Jam and VFILES contest, where VFILES flew him to play their NYFW party at Webster Hall. Later that year, Karman accompanied Yung Lean & SBE, GTB, and MarcyMane of Goth Money on the 2nd half of Unknown Memory tour through N.W. USA and Canada. Two singles: “Eaux”(1) and “Screens”(2), were released during the tour.

In April 2015, he was booked to play Samo Soundboy of DJ Dodger Stadium’s album release party but Karman suffered a car accident alongside close friend and mentor Barron Machat. For several months after that, Hunter was incapacitated and there was an absence of content until September when Karman released a new single “Cold Front”, via Fader.  As 2016 kicked off, Yung Lean released Warlord; featuring production from Karman, Mike Dean, Yung Sherman, and Yung Gud. Hero Magazine started a second mag geared slightly towards women under the name Heroine Mag, Karman was photographed by Polish photography icon Yelena Yemchuk for February issue cover. Most recently and most importantly, Karman has released “Yew”, along with a title for his forthcoming EP, 'Heaven Complex' that will comprise mainly of songs that were started during his time immobilized after the accident.

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