Oscar-Worthy Hairstyles: How to Get the Red Carpet Look / .@Martialvivot

Oscar-Worthy Hairstyles – How to Get the Red Carpet Look
We couldn’t help but be inspired by this year’s Oscar looks and see how Hollywood’s leading men were rocking their red carpet hair. From rugged rocker to classic sleeked back, we’re taking a look at the hottest hair and beard trends to see how we can recreate these styles for everyday wear. We found that the way to achieve these sophisticated looks starts with an upscale hair-cut to create the right movement and texture and of course using the best grooming products. We took a cue from Martial Vivot, renowned men’s hairstylist and authority on men’s grooming, for a breakdown on what to use (and how it works) to turn heads! One thing we learned? Quality, luxury products makes a difference and is worth the investment!

Shampoo: Use a shampoo that energizes the scalp, promotes healthy hair growth and densifies the hair

Conditioner: Use a conditioner that moistures and nourishes and prevents graying

Crème: Use a crème that provides a light, minimal hold, calms frizzy and fly away hair, protecting the hair and adding shine (so it’s not stiff or sticky).

Gel: Use a gel that provides maximum hold to maintain the style – adds sheen-nourishes and moisturizes

Paste: Use a paste that provides a soft to medium hold – adds body and volume, assists with molding, sculpting and texturizing (not stiff)

Beard and Face Oil: Use a beard and face oil that conditions and moisturizes, promotes healthy beard growth, improves shine and manageability, protects and smoothes and inhibits beardruff

Oscar-Worthy Hairstyles: How to Get the Red Carpet Look / .@Martialvivot Oscar-Worthy Hairstyles: How to Get the Red Carpet Look / .@Martialvivot Reviewed by FADED4U on March 01, 2016 Rating: 5

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