#Toronto New Comer Drops Debut EP... .@EvrythingOshaun "Until Now"


Toronto New Comer Drops Debut EP...
EverythingOShauN "Until Now"

The commanding presence of Canadian hip-hop artist/entertainer EverythingOShauN is impossible to miss. Formally trained in the performing arts, he can take a crowd the moment he steps on stage, and carry them throughout an entire performance of vivid energy right unto the very last note. Off-stage, his diligent drive alone has chauffeured him through many self-sought successes.

EverythingOShauN born to parents of Nigerian and Jamaican lineage in the vibrant cradle of Toronto, was raised with an appreciation for the arts and education. For him, creating music is a craft: embodying consciousness, everyday struggles, and feelings of all kinds while conveying them creatively for the purpose of inspiration and enjoyment is his end goal. From mellow and reflective to upbeat and aggressive - to everything in between and beyond - his versatility truly knows no bounds. Combining his bravado and athletic lyricism with the smooth productions of Xpress aka DJXP (his younger brother and GSX label-mate), their pieces of audible art are truly gratifying to both the ear and the soul.

2015 marked a resilient year for EverythingOShauN as he performed at both the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas and CMW in Toronto, Canada. Having released singles and visuals off the EP throughout much of 2015, OshauN is excited to deliver his long awaited EP release “Until Now”. Featuring 10 records produced by DJ XP including the past singles and fan favorites “You Shouldn’t”, “Bipolar” and “Poet”, the project is available for free via OShauN’s Official Soundcloud page and Premiered via YouHeardThatNew.com.

#Toronto New Comer Drops Debut EP... .@EvrythingOshaun "Until Now" #Toronto New Comer Drops Debut EP... .@EvrythingOshaun "Until Now" Reviewed by FADED4U on March 09, 2016 Rating: 5

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