.@wavelengthmusic - Discovery Series: April 23

Wavelength presents: "Veteran Newcomers"
Featuring Tough Age, Century Palm, 
Germaphobes and Long Branch
April 23 at The Monarch Tavern

Part of its newly reincarnated monthly discovery series, Wavelength's April event assembles ageless youth from coast-to-coast in a boisterous night where the line between music-scene veteran and wide-eyed newcomer are erased. On Saturday, April 23, Wavelength takes over rejuvenated Toronto live music venue, the Monarch Tavern (12 Clinton St), for a night of "Veteran Newcomers".

Spanning the ranks of pop, psych, surf, garage, new wave, and alt-country, the night features four new ensembles built upon decades of collective experience. Vancouver's Tough Age debut sugar-soaked garage-punk from their forthcoming album on Mint Records. Toronto's Century Palm (featuring members of Ketamines and Dirty Beaches) share their glistening kraut-pop. The bill also includes Toronto new-wavers Germaphobes and Long Branch, a new band featuring Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet's Don Pyle and Sally Lee and Lisa Myers of Venus Cures All.

Between sets, award-winning poet and beloved Toronto bartender Eva H.D. (Done Right Inn) will play some of her favourite music. Published by Mansfield Press, Eva H.D. won the 2015 Montreal International Poetry Prize.

Saturday, April 23, 2016
Monarch Tavern - Main Floor (12 Clinton Street)
Doors 9 p.m. 
$8 advance at Ticketfly.com / $10 at the door.   

Wavelength Presents: Veteran Newcomers
TOUGH AGE (Vancouver / Mint Records) 
Take one Ramones/Archies sugar-pop-rush, mix with equal parts garage-punk and psych-rock, season with "seasoned vet" sauce. This Vancouver quartet upholds the Mint Record torch for upbeat, bittersweet DIY pop. (Members of: Korean Gut, Apollo Ghosts, Sightlines, Collapsing Opposites.)

CENTURY PALM (Toronto / Deranged Records)
This Toronto five-piece will psychically transmit their retro-futurist brand of hypnotic, krautrock-inspired glam-pop. New music forthcoming via Deranged. (Members of: Ketamines, Dirty Beaches.)

Fresh off Wavelength's Class of 2016 honour roll, Neil Rankin, Paul Erlichman and friends are a bombastic, new-wave prog-pop battering ram of fun. (Members of: Gay, Foxfire, Elrichman, Bert Sugar, Body Butter.)

Exploring the dark edges of city living and the hinterland, resting their fingertips on alt-country, folk, psych, and punk rock. (Members of: Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Venus Cures All, Black Heel Marks, Crash Kills Five, Chicken Milk.)

+ DJ Eva HD (2015 Montreal International Poetry Prize Winner & Bartender, Done Right Inn)
++ General Chaos Visuals

About Wavelength Music
Wavelength Music is a curated concert series designed to champion creativity, co-operation and collaboration in the independent music and arts scenes. Established in 2000, we are a non-profit arts organization that puts artists and the community first. A cornerstone of the Toronto music scene, Wavelength Music has championed literally thousands of emerging artists during its decade-plus run.
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