BTTN is Creating New Waves and They Want to Tell

The music industry is a forever changing landscape that continues to push artists creatively. RnB and Hip Hop tend to be over saturated genres and BTTN is a new group that blends different genres together to achieve an ambient soulful atmosphere with their melodic rhymes and silky grooves. 

In an industry over-saturated with artists bombarding social media with Soundcloud and Youtube links, BTTN has decided to go against the grain and let their work do the talking. Rich “Parlay” Copier & Luis “Jay Suarez” Suarez both represent different cultures but bring it together to present to you a much needed breath of fresh air.
Based out of Northern New Jersey, the diversity between these two friends-turned-business associates looks like a United Colors of Benetton ad yet sounds like Drake stepped into 90s-themed party hosted by Diplo. In other words, they have a Hip-Hop based sound with an old school R&B vibe over trap drums. BTTN finds beauty in differences and welcome the idea of bringing people, of all walks of life, together by way of music.
BTTN aims to push the boundaries in order to bring about a level of creativity that is as diverse and relatable as the individuals themselves. The lyrical vernacular of humor, wit, hardships, love and unity are cleverly captured and bellowed out over their captivating sound with universal appeal. It does not stop there, though. BTTN has created a movement that has opened the doors of opportunity with involvements in the fashion industry, photography, videography and even acting. 
Emphasizing on quality over quantity, BTTN has built themselves quite the catalog and plan on adding many more accomplishments to their already impressive resume.
BTTN is Creating New Waves and They Want to Tell BTTN is Creating New Waves and They Want to Tell Reviewed by Tony G on April 08, 2016 Rating: 5

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