Race Banyon - What Are We Doing feat. .@tydollasign (co-produced by DJ Dahi)

What Are We Doing feat. Ty Dolla $ign (co-produced by DJ Dahi)

 Red Bull Sound Select

19-Year-Old Producer Who Worked With Ty Dolla $ign

 The rising New Zealand musician behind Race Banyon and Lontalius is searching for his own voice.

“I like space,” says Eddie Johnston, 19, from his home in Wellington, New Zealand.
He’s not just listing things he likes; he’s explaining via Skype why he makes music as Race Banyon, a name he borrowed from a character in “The Simpsons.”
“I’ve always been amazed by space, specifically the Apollo era of space travel,” he continues. “In the ‘Simpsons’ episode, Homer goes to space with Buzz Aldrin and a guy named Race Banyon; I just loved that name. There was a time when I wanted to join the Air Force, but I’m not really into joining the military and I wasn’t very good at science.”
Johnston might not have been good at science, but he was good at music. He started playing guitar when he was eight years old. Soon after, he was writing his own songs and he started creating music on his computer out of necessity.
“I wanted to play drums, but I wasn’t going to get a drum kit because drums are so loud and big,” he recalls. “So I found some software that allowed me to replicate a drum kit on my computer. That’s how I got into electronic music; I was looking for software to be my backing band.”

 Red Bull Sound Select: www.redbullsoundselect.com/artists/racebanyon
Facebook: www.facebook.com/rcbnyn
SoundCloud: @RaceBanyon

Race Banyon - What Are We Doing feat. .@tydollasign (co-produced by DJ Dahi) Race Banyon - What Are We Doing feat. .@tydollasign (co-produced by DJ Dahi) Reviewed by Tony G on April 07, 2016 Rating: 5

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