REACT touch-free kitchen faucet stays clean even when you’re not

REACT touch-free kitchen faucet stays clean even when you’re not

Make your kitchen cleaner, healthier and more convenient with Pfister’s new REACT Touch-Free Kitchen Faucet.

The faucet, which will be available at home improvement stores across Canada in the spring, activates when your hand or an object passes within its sensor range. The water temperature can be set, and reset, however many times you like and the faucet can still be controlled the old-fashioned way – with its handle.

“If you’re scrubbing up after digging in the garden, cleaning or cooking, the REACT faucet let’s you wash your hands without getting the handle and faucet full of gunk or even worse, covered in germs,” said Adam Findlay, Senior Marketing Manager, Pfister. “With its modern, elegant design and clean finish, the REACT Selia faucet looks incredible in practically any style of kitchen.”

If your faucet does need a cleanup, however, you can activate the Hibernate mode by placing your hand in front of the sensor for five seconds. This turns the faucet’s sensor off so you can give it a good scrubbing. To turn it back on, just hold your hand over the sensor again for five seconds.

The REACT faucet also features a pull down spout with an extra long hose so you can wash large pots and pans easier and reach all of the areas in your sink.

The faucet was engineered so just about anyone can install it too. In almost notime at all, you can have your old kitchen faucet out and the new REACT in its place, ready for use.

Additional REACT faucet features include:

• AccuDock™ advanced spray head docking system ensures a tight connection to the faucet spout.
• EZ Clean™ nozzles on the spray face enable removal of mineral buildup with a quick wipe, keeping the faucet looking new, longer.
• 1- to 4-hole configuration allows installation versatility.

“For a quick kitchen refresh that gives a modern, home automation twist, the newREACT faucet is the perfect addition. Couple it with some new cabinet knobs, a splash of paint and maybe even a new backsplash and you’ve got a whole new look for a small price and small effort,” said Findlay.

To find out how easy it is to replace your old faucet with the Pfister REACT Selia, as well as some other faucet DIY tips, head over to Pfister’s YouTube page.

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REACT touch-free kitchen faucet stays clean even when you’re not REACT touch-free kitchen faucet stays clean even when you’re not Reviewed by Tony G on April 06, 2016 Rating: 5

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