The Label’s First Release Will Be The Peach Panther, First Single Carlos Slim Out Now

Yesterday, Stampede Management and Riff Raff joined forces to create Neon Nation Corporation, a new movement in independent music.  The $4 million joint venture will be head up by Russell Redeaux of Stampede Management and long time manager for Riff Raff; and Riff Raff, who brings his social media expertise, his Neon Nation army of fans, and trail blazing creative vision to form this amazing new label.

Through Russell Redeaux executive leadership, Neon Nation Corporation was able to strike a distribution/marketing deal with BMG, starting with Riff Raff’s highly anticipated The Peach Panther album scheduled for release in June.

“Riff is a truly unique artist and BMG is honored to work with him. We've never had the opportunity to work with a great songwriter who can also kick serious butt on the wrestling mat,” said Jon Cohen, EVP of Recorded Music at BMG.

Riff Raff’s new music project is heavily influenced by southern Hip Hop sounds, combining early 90’s chord progressions with hard 808 drums. 

“Working with Riff has always been an incredibly creative experience, from the way he conceives an album to how he leverages social media to drive awareness – he always pushes the envelope to come up with great out-of-the-box experiences,” said Russell Redeaux of Stampede Management and long time manager for Riff Raff. 

The 808 Mafia produced “Carlos Slim,” named after billionaire and richest man in Mexico who has acquired his wealth in some controversial ways and sets the celebratory stage for Riff Raff as he victoriously rides the 808 drum laced beat like a man who just hit the game winning shot, letting you know it’s time for an extravagant post game celebration for the most underrated player in the game – The Peach Panther.

To listen to the track please visit: https://soundcloud.com/riffraff/carlosslim

“I'm glad to finally have my Peach Panther album done, and the new single Carlos Slim out. I’m also excited to announce my new $4,000,000 Neon Nation Corporation, which is more than just a record label.  We’ll be investing in movies and talent across the globe to build an entertainment empire not just in music. Teaming up with Stampede and BMG is just the first step to get started,” said Riff Raff. 

To purchase or listen Carlos Slim please visit iTunesApple MusicAmazon, or Spotify.

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