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Rolls-Royce tuning from Hamann

  The Rolls-Royce Wraith is pure luxury. The coupé with the rear-hinged doors is the British statement for exquisite engineering art. This also is the philosophy of HAMANN MOTORSPORT, a traditional company for individual and perfectly shaped body, suspension and engine solutions. And, of course, for perfected exclusivity. Hence, the HAMANN experts do not have inappropriate respect for the luxury brand and focussed on further, very own accents.

Individual solutions



One of HAMANN MOTORSPORT’s specialities are technology and refinement components in the aerodynamics area. The exclusive material here is carbon fibre. The ultra-lightweight material not only lowers the centre of gravity and thus improves driving dynamics, but captivates with its special look. The carbon fibre parts shine like a shimmering scale armour and signal highest technical grade. HAMANN’s core skills include perfectly matching aerodynamics kits. They are exclusively designed and built for every single model and installed with the utmost of precision.
No matter what an engine is already capable of, HAMANN MOTORSPORT finds hidden power reserves. Power advancements by optimising the ignition map improve torque and power yield. As BMW owns Rolls-Royce and supplies the engines and as HAMANN is an expert in optimising BMW models, experience and know-how go hand in hand here. On the bottom line, there is pure sovereignty in an exclusive power delivery.
Indispensable in such a luxury model: the solid sound that the HAMANN MOTORSPORT sports exhaust system produces. For this, the mufflers are made of the best stainless steel available on the market today. However, the configuration does not stop with the technology but continues down to the ample mufflers’ integration into the rear skirt. Complete solution, perfect adaptation. 

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