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Photos by Jordan Green
Jordan Green recently shot a Day in The Life with Lucien Clarke for Hypebeast . We had a quick chat with the London-based photographer & director about what gets him creative & future projects. Have a look! 
 How did you get into photography?
I first got into photography during my time in college as I got bored of how long painting took and started to realize I could fulfill that creative need in other ways by using a camera. I was a super nerd when I was younger so I knew a lot about Photoshop and started to mess with my images and create exactly what I wanted.

In your opinion, what does the best photography accomplish?
I think the best photography accomplishes some kind of emotion, be it from the photographer or the people viewing the image. There is nothing good about creating something and getting no reaction or emotion from anyone about it.

You have an impressive commercial catalog. The brands are diverse but you have an attention to story telling and a zest for living. Is it important for you to push yourself to the limit with every campaign?
I think with every campaign I shoot I try my hardest to push the imagery in the right direction, one that aligns with the brand, and to make sure we have a blast on the shoot days and create some really interesting and visually appealing photographs.

What sort of relationship do you have between digital and film photography?
I slightly fell out of love with film photography for a year or two, but I think that was only because all the 35mm point and shoots I was using kept breaking after one roll had gone through so I stopped buying new ones. I recently spent a little more time on a point and shoot and have been shooting a lot more film. I do however have about 10 rolls sitting at home that I need to get developed.

Are you a life on the road, or a man of routine?
I am very much a life on the road kind of person. I’m always on the run working or traveling for vacation, there is something about experiencing culture and learning new things.

Any upcoming summer travel plans?
I am heading out on a flight next week to Los Angeles then gonna hit up New York then back to San Fran. I never tend to plan too far ahead with travels because of my work plans always changing.

Describe the last dream you had.
I think I was jumping out of a plane and it definitely is something I want to do in real life.

What does it mean for you to be always on the run?
To be always on the run is keeping the mind and soul active in whatever way you feel it needs to be done. Keeping yourself active keeps the mind creative and happy, I have found you will definitely feel better about yourself when you are on the run.

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