"Doin Numbers" by .@freshfromde ( Produced by .@Rekordhead )

Single #2 "Doin' Numbers" from FreshfromDE x Rekordhead upcoming album "Home Is Where The Heart Is" which is a reference to the growing up in the MC's native state of Delaware. This latest single states FreshfromDE's aspirations to "Do Numbers" despite the fact he's from a small state with no industry connections, not just money, but stats, plays, interaction, exposure, EVERYTHING. Expect to hear "Home Is Where The Heart Is" in its full glory late spring.


*Written & Performed by FreshfromDE
*Produced & Mixed by Rekordhead
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"Doin Numbers" by .@freshfromde ( Produced by .@Rekordhead ) "Doin Numbers" by .@freshfromde ( Produced by .@Rekordhead ) Reviewed by FADED4U on May 12, 2016 Rating: 5

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