.@teffhinkson - So Insecure ft. Gallest (BTS)


Produced By: Mohamed Haniff & Yuri Koller


On the heels of a Caribbean takeover into mainstream music (i.e. Drake's "One Dance," Beyonce's "Hold Up", etc.), Bajan artist Teff Hinkson controls this "new" wave, with his authentic Island vibe and sound. In his latest single, "So Insecure", featuring fellow countryman Gallest, the pair speak about the insecurities that riddle women (and men) and the societal pressures that often encourage them. The rhythmic single, produced by Mohamed Haniff and Yuri Koller, develops an airy ambience while maintaining balance with a catchy hook and relatable context.
"It's crazy moving between Barbados and Toronto and seeing all these beautiful girls affected by the same insecurities. I feel like I hit the nail on the head with the theme of this song. The world is on the Caribbean's eggplant emoji right now if you get me. That makes my accent golden right now so my message should get across just fine.” - Teff Hinkson
Check back for the video release shortly, and watch the BTS footage of Teff and Gallest taking on Toronto during Rihanna's 'ANTI' tour.


DOWNLOAD 'So Insecure': https://soundcloud.com/teffhinkson/te...

A behind the scenes look at the making of the 'So Insecure' video.

Shot in downtown Toronto, the video was directed by Zac Facts & Teff.

Zac Facts recently shot & directed Low Life for the Weeknd & LA Confidential for Tory Lanez.

Gallest was in Toronto that week and linked up for the shoot.
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