THE GOOD GEISHA #Toronto’s first premiere cosmetic tattoo shop GRAND OPENING

Toronto’s first premiere cosmetic tattoo shop
576 Dundas St. West

“Restoring confidence in someone’s life makes all the difference.”
- Amber Gotzmieter –


From permanent make-up, to medical and restorative procedures; cosmetic tattooing, known as ‘micropigmentation’ is becoming a common practice for both men and women in Toronto, GTA. Responding to this growing trend, are Cosmetic Tattoo Artists Amber Gotzmieter and Anna Chow, who have teamed up to bring Toronto its first premiere cosmetic tattoo shop, called The Good Geisha opening Saturday, June 18th, 2016 at 576 Dundas St. West, Toronto, ON. The pair is working together at distinguishing themselves from the bad to the good. Both business women are addressing safety and health concerns found in other budget cosmetic clinics and are advocating for industry standards, while educating the general public about choosing the right procedures and businesses to administer them.
“Many professionals in the industry, including myself, strongly believe that cosmetic tattooing procedures do not belong in an environment where you'd get your nails done,” says Amber Gotzmeister, Co-owner of The Good Geisha. “Because the industry is unregulated with little enforced standards, you want to do your research before selecting someone to administer cosmetic tattooing. You have to be very careful. I would strongly advise against budget cosmetic clinics and day spas offering cosmetic tattooing, unless you have done thorough research giving you complete confidence in the business.”
“We hear countless horror stories and witness mistakes up-close and personal, often having to correct errors from improper and unprofessional procedures,” says Anna Chow, Co-owner of The Good Geisha. “There has also been little positive media coverage on cosmetic tattooing in the press. We want to change these attitudes, while addressing the main health & safety concerns including infections and permanent disfigurement, and hepatitis B and C. Not only can cosmetic tattooing be expensive to correct, improper procedures can also be detrimental to one’s health. There are no industry standards holding anyone accountable. And so the onus is on you.
Many celebrities are rumoured to have had permanent make-up procedures. When you live your life constantly in the spotlight and under a microscope, it seems like a viable option. The three most common procedures are eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips, in that order. However it changes between cosmetic and medical based on demographic and market targeting. Gotzmeister has performed over 500 eyebrow and eyeliner services; 200 lips and 100 paramedical.  Fun fact: American insurance companies are starting to include cosmetic tattooing in their coverage plans. Canada has yet to follow.

Client Testimonials
“I absolutely love how natural my brows look after microblading with Amber. She was able to absolutely perfect my brow shape and give me perfect definition to highlight my eyes," says Melissa Andre of Melissa Andre Events. “I fly between Toronto and LA throwing parties for Drake and many other celebrities, and cosmetic tattooing has helped me save a lot of application time. When you are constantly working in the spotlight and busy like me, the procedure was a wise investment that improved my business of being social.”
Gotzmeister has been a senior instructor at the Micropigmentation Centre since 2014, primarily focused on all “hands on” practical training for all of the programming. She also leads the Microblading Program teaching theory, design concepts and strategies.
The Microblading Fundamental Program at the Micropigmentation Centre offers the strongest Microblading training in the industry.  The team compiled the best techniques and training tools into a program approved by SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals) approved program. The program continues to develop new techniques and remain ahead of the industry’s needs.  The students excel with their new skills and pertinent training in health and safety that is required to maintain the integrity of our industry.  

About Amber Gotzmeister
Amber Gotzmeister is a Colour Correction Expert, the Senior Instructor at the Micropigmentation Centre and the Co-owner of The Good Geisha. She started in the medical camouflaging makeup industry in 2003 teaching her clients how to cover their scars and birthmarks with makeup.  This led her to study Micropigmentation under Pat Shibley in 2007 and she has been performing countless procedures since. In 2014 she became an instructor at the world renowned Micropigmentation Centre and has since developed and implemented new fundamental programming and advanced workshops. Amber is known for her calming personality and her extensive knowledge on colour in the skin.  Amber holds a CIDESCO designation in medical esthetics and a Marvel Makeup Diploma since 2003. Specialities: 3D Microblading, Cometic & Para Medical Tattoos. @microbyamber

About Anna Chow
Anna entered the industry from a finance background, but always loved art. She enjoys working with lines, shapes, colours, and symmetry. Diving head first into cosmetic tattooing, she trained under Pat Shibley at the Micropigmentation Centre in early 2015, and continues to learn, share and apprentice with Amber Gotzmeister. Anna is also the junior instructor at the Micropigmentation Centre.  She is extremely passionate about her work and finds fulfillment by listening to her clients’ needs, assessing facial structures and helping recreate their image.
THE GOOD GEISHA #Toronto’s first premiere cosmetic tattoo shop GRAND OPENING THE GOOD GEISHA  #Toronto’s first premiere cosmetic tattoo shop GRAND OPENING Reviewed by FADED4U on June 16, 2016 Rating: 5

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