The Smartest Jacket Ever

The Smartest Jacket Ever
Ad Maiora’s EveryWear Jacket Launching 


As you commute to work on a cold winter day, you may not realize it-but you’re an urban hero. At least that’s what Ad Maiora thinks—the creator of the new EveryWear Jacket, a multi-purpose winter coat that’s elegant and practical. Designed to simplify the life of city dwellers, it comes with 20 incredible features, aimed at ensuring top comfort and safety… in style. 

“We were looking for the perfect jacket for city dwellers, but we did not find the solution on the market, so we decided to create it by ourselves,” explains CEO Simone Gaido
“Our product will give the consumer all the comfort and durability of existing top brands but designed for the specific needs of big city dwellers. Its unique design and useful features are guaranteed to simplify their lives, without compromising on style,” Gaido continues. 
Most winter jackets are designed for the great outdoors, but Ad Maiora wanted something developed to simplify the lives of city dwellers. The EveryWear Jacket is designed to answer all the needs of urban life, combining advanced technology & smart solutions for top comfort.
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 AdMaiora’s “technical urban clothing” concept brought them to an exclusive agreement with the producer of a patented optical fiber fabric the EveryWear Jacket is comprised of and focuses on specific functionality

EveryWear Jacket is an all-in-one solution that replaces all the other jackets in your wardrobe. It's stylish (designed by Italians!), efficient and mobile. Suitable for all weather conditions, the jacket is perfect for cycling, motorcycling, and commuting—the ergonomic design (waterproof, hand warmer pockets, hidden gloves and face mask). It not only keeps out water and wind, it also allows the jacket to transform into a backpack (with a larger pocket that can fit a laptop) in warmer conditions.
The EveryWear Jacket is stylish or casual at your choice, for a perfect look in any situation. With the detachable hood and hidden buttons, high neck collar and a rubber band to transform the thigh length into a waist-length, you can always choose between four different configurations to adapt your style (anorak, short hooded, bomber, long jacket-all in one) to the various demands of urban life. The jacket offers a transparent tech pocket, umbrella holder, contactless card pocket in the sleeve, and even a RFID blocking pocket for your credit cards. Need to recharge? The built-in battery power bank allows users to recharge their phones and other devices. 

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