.@IsseyMiyakeNYC - A Piece of "Time"

I have been a fan of "Issey Miyake" for a few years now, they recently brought....

Ichiro Iwasaki
Product Designer

On BOARD for this exclusive TIMEPIECE  
 Born in Tokyo in 1965.
He started his career at Sony Design Center, afterwards moved to Italy and worked at several design studios in Milan.
After returned to Japan, in 1995 he set up IWASAKI DESIGN STUDIO in Tokyo.
Since its founding, he has been collaborated with manufacturers both within and outside Japan, and involved in highly versatile product designs ranging from stationaries, household goods, tableware, furniture, lighting and electronic devices such as digital cameras and mobile phones.
He has been awarded a large number of major international awards, including Japan’s Good Design Award・Gold, iF Design Award・Gold and German Design award・Winner.



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