Aguaclara Is The Swimwear You Need

Aguaclara Is The Swimwear You Need!

 There is so many swimwear brands that carry the same or similar pieces, it seems as though being unique and diverse is fading. Aguaclara breaks that barrier by producing unique designs that are made to order. Aguaclara is the leader swimwear company in Peru. The company produces more than 6,000 pieces a month, provides jobs for more than 200 people and has 6 boutiques in its native country.


Not only is Aguaclara a sophisticated couture swimwear brand that has been breaking grounds in their native country, they have been featured on magazines such as Ocean Drive and Las Vegas. Liliana, as Creative Director, has used her talent to shape the essence of the brand. At its core is its ethnic tendency, rooted in Amazon and Andean influences. She is a restless traveler, always looking for new trends and state-of-the-art technology. Jorge, as Executive Director, handles the Administrative and Strategic Planning areas.

 The Aguaclara collections which were designed by Liliana, have been showcased in exhibits and runway shows around the world! The swimwear pieces are highly elaborate embroidery, exclusively developed prints and hand-made natural accessories specially crafted for the garments. To-date, the company exports to over 40 countries, mainly United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Puerto Rico, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Dubai, Russia, Japan, among others.

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