National Rum Day with Baron Samedi Spiced Rum



With National Rum Day (August 16th) right around the corner, rum lovers can get in the mood by celebrating the unique style of Canada’s newest spiced rum – The Baron Samedi.

As one of the most notorious “Vodou spirits” in Haitian culture since the 18th century, Baron Samedi is known to be wild, unruly and adores the taste of rum. Smooth, rich and fully flavoured, The Baron Samedi is a blend of Caribbean column and Jamaican pot still rum with signature “vetiver” spice - a grass native to Haiti with earthy and woody notes.

We want you to experience the legend of THE BARON SAMEDI for yourself! Here are two drink recipes including the perfect summer cool down drink, a Dark & Stormy Slushy, or the get in the party mood with the Rum Punch.

 Dark & Stormy Slushy

Ingredients and directions
-         1 part Baron Samedi Spiced Rum
-         2 parts Jamaican Ginger beer
-         1 part Lime
-         1 part Simple Syrup
-         1 part Water
-         Use a slushy machine for best results. If using a blender, omit most of the water.


 Rum Punch

Ingredients  and directions
-         1 part Baron Samedi Spiced Rum
-         0.5 part Aperol
-         0.5 part Fresh Lemon Juice
-         0.5 part Honey Syrup (1:1 water to honey)
-         1 part Fresh Grapefruit Juice.
-         2 parts Lavender Tea*
-         Dillon’s Absinthe to taste and garnish with grapefruit wheels
-         Add all ingredients to a large vessel and serve chilled in small glasses with no ice.
*Lavender Tea: 2L water, 10g whole white pepper, 1g dried lavender, 2 orange pekoe tea bags. Brew tea, add spices. Infuse in fridge for 3 hours. Fine strain.


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