Tentacles, Bunnies and Science set to Erupt on Calgary Streets .@Beakerhead

Tentacles, Bunnies and Science set to Erupt on Calgary Streets

  Beakerhead is announcing the 2016 lineup of spectacles and quirky adventures, with all ticketed events now on sale. More than 60 distinct events – the majority of which are free – will explode on the streets and venues of Calgary in just six weeks.

Beakerhead, a smash up of art, science and engineering, is entering its fourth year. Last year, more than 110,000 took part over five days. The online program guide helps people plot a course through a dozen free installations, and major public destination events like the annual Beakernight event and the Four-to-Six explosion of interactive happenings on Stephen Avenue.

Ticketed events, which range from musical performances to hands-on workshops and tours, are also on sale. Many events have sold out in hours in the past, especially smaller more specialized offerings.

“This year, the line- up includes an extraordinary culinary event, public spectacles in different parts of the city, more than 30 restaurants in Engineered Eats, dozens of shows and workshops and, for the first time, a variety of tours,” says Mary Anne Moser, President and Co-founder of Beakerhead.

10 Highlights to experience at Beakerhead:

  • Beakernight; an evening full of quirky surprises illuminate the streets of Bridgeland where everyone will enjoy interactive works and performances, live music, the Beakerbar, a pedal-powered brain, a can-crushing cow and a human-sized hamster wheel, just to name to few.
  • Torched; an original food experience that will jolt everyone’s expectations. Six top Calgary chefs and mixologists are getting creative in an industrial compound - turned skate park in Ramsay. Imagine a car on its side turning a spit, a giant flame under an array of roasted trout in wire baskets, and a warehouse setting full of surprises.
  • Cornstarch Walk; try your luck at walking across a trough of cornstarch and water – barefoot - without sinking!
  • International premiere of BASS Ship, a two-story high communications device for sending messages to outer space – if you can crack the code. Hop in! It’s in the East Village.
  • A building turned into a social barometer in Mission. This is Highly Social Science!
  • Tentacles; A massive octopus has managed to get inside one of Inglewood’s historic building!
  • Saturnian; walk barefoot inside the belly of an inflatable robotic, exploratory, humpback – narwhal hybrid.
  • Nibbles; for those who remember last year’s rabbits in Central Memorial Park… You know what rabbits do? It has happened. Welcome … baby bunnies!
  • Cloud 17; three interactive experiences will provide you with light, images and sound in the heart of 17th ave. 
  • Engineered Eats; Explore engineered temptations at 32 participating bars and restaurants during Beakerhead - citywide.
 All events can be found and tickets purchased at Beakerhead.com.
Tentacles, Bunnies and Science set to Erupt on Calgary Streets .@Beakerhead Tentacles, Bunnies and Science set to Erupt on Calgary Streets .@Beakerhead Reviewed by FADED4U on August 15, 2016 Rating: 5

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