DOPE X Jackson Pollock Release Limited Edition Capsule Collection

DOPE X Jackson Pollock Release Limited Edition Capsule Collection

Streetwear maven, DOPE, collaborates with the Jackson Pollock estate to release a four-piece capsule collection in the artist's honor. The collection includes two t-shirts and two caps all retailing at $50 apiece. The collection will be released via the retailer's website at on Monday 9/26 as well as at their retail store in Los Angeles on Fairfax Ave.

DOPE's designers realized that they had already been experimenting with abstract design motifs when DOPE Owner, Matte Fields, decided to approach his estate about the collaboration. The prints themselves are direct prints of existing Pollock pieces. The white/black is based on his 1948 work, No 14 and the red/black is based on his 1946 work, Free Form. "It serves as an opportunity not only to bring art into an everyday, wearable context, but to educate, inform, and pay homage to an artist whose talent will continue to influence the worlds of art and design."

About DOPE:

Drawing inspiration from both luxury lifestyle and street culture, DOPE's clothing and accessories have built a unique following including tastemakers and music icons alike.

The brand's initial lines and boutique built a community of like­minded individuals that saw DOPE as more than just a brand, but as a lifestyle. Self-proclaimed as the Bougie Crew, the founding members embodied DOPE's progressive style and growing presence in the streetwear industry.

With an extended line now including accessories, cut and sew, and snapbacks, DOPE set out to build a flagship boutique on the iconic Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles and to extend the reach of the Bougie Crew.

Today, the Fairfax location at 454 N Fairfax Avenue, has become a streetwear staple filled with DOPE's latest pieces including beanies, pullovers, and intricate cut & sew. Featured in international publications and music videos, and selling at accounts across the globe, DOPE is taking the Bougie Crew worldwide.

About Jackson Pollock:

Jackson Pollock was an influential and legendary American Painter. Born in 1912 in Wyoming, he studied under Thomas Hart Benton but quickly disregarded traditional techniques to explore abstract expressionism via his splatter and action pieces, which involved pouring paint and other media directly onto canvases. He died in a drunk driving accident in New York in 1956 at age 44. His paintings are stored in the most prestigious museums all over the world and is regarded as one of the most influential painters of all time. 
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