Every night is a revolution at REBEL // .@TheRebelComplex #Toronto


Continuing the next generation of luxury entertainment offerings in Toronto and beyond, INK Entertainment will premiere the highly anticipated event venue REBEL (previously known as Sound Academy) on Saturday October 1st
The grand opening of the venue at 11 Polson St., will establish a new industry standard for nightlife experience in Toronto; merging unrivaled customer service, striking design, and state-of-the-art technology.
“REBEL is a truly distinctive and transformative nightlife destination, offering guests access into the extraordinary, the unique and the unparalleled,” says Charles Khabouth, CEO, INK Entertainment. “We look forward to introducing a new luxurious entertainment space with unexpected and dramatic elements of intrigue and opulence that have yet to be seen in a nightclub setting in Canada.”
After almost a full year of renovations, REBEL will also offer a versatile event space that will function as a state-of-the-art live concert venue, as well as corporate event space, with the ability to offer day-to-night entertainment in conjunction with INK Entertainment’s urban oasis, Cabana Pool Bar.
The 45,000 square foot space designed by Studio Munge, houses four distinct spaces each diverse in atmosphere, music and vibe. To transport guests into an innovative, multimedia universe, REBEL will use production elements like theatrical lighting effects, video production, and experiential storytelling, all designed to evolve during the night. REBEL will also use the Montreal-based production company Black Mohawk for the first three months of opening, for artistic direction and execution for special entertainment performances.
The main room boasts a dramatic 65-foot stage with an expansive installation of LED video walls, and as well as a grand terrace overlooking Lake Ontario with dramatic views of the city. The mezzanine hosts a pièce de résistance – a grand central bar with a striking light installation hung above, with V.I.P. booths that offer unobstructed views of the main stage.
Future guests will have the option to sign up for insider information, news and announcements at www.therebelcomplex.com. Guests can also find REBEL on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


About INK Entertainment

INK Entertainment is Canada's leading lifestyle and entertainment company. Operating since 1982, INK Entertainment has demonstrated an enviable ability to read the pulse of ever-changing cultural times and tastes, responding with a host of successful enterprises, including the Parisian-themed Bistro La Société (Toronto and Montreal), the deejay-headlined VELD Music Festival and a number of trendy nightclubs, including UNIUN, CUBE, and Dragonfly.
Headquartered in Toronto and helmed by visionary entrepreneur Charles Khabouth, INK Entertainment's innovative approach, fusing dining, lifestyle, entertainment and design has led the company to team up with several significant industry partners in Canada and the U.S.: Cirque De Soleil on the Beatles Revolution nightclub in Las Vegas; Loews Hotels and Resorts for La Société Montreal and several American-based projects in 2016-17; ICON Legacy for Weslodge (Toronto & Dubai), Patria, Byblos (Toronto & Miami), NAO Steakhouse, FIGO, MACHO Radio Bar and Storys Building and; Lifetime Developments for Bisha Hotel & Residences, the newest private label hotel and residence brand to originate in Toronto since The Four Seasons in the 1960s. For more information, visit www.inkentertainment.com or connect with INK Entertainment on Facebook and Twitter.
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