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“I think doing anything positive consecutively for 10 years is worth celebrating, especially in business,” said Chad Muska, professional skateboarder and co-creator of the Skytop. “So we decided to do a few special edition products to celebrate this milestone. Seeing as the Skytop franchise is an iconic piece of SUPRA’s history, we decided to create a special shoe in all the current models from the 001 up to the IV.”
The Decade Series will include one execution of each of Muska’s four Skytop silhouettes in a different limited colorway inspired by elements of Muska’s artwork and creative process with a focus on several key themes. The first release, “Layers,” features the original Skytop in a white printed leather execution with distressed colored accents which mimic a piece of Muska’s creative space that has been a constant throughout the last 10 years.
“The idea for layers comes from a wall in my studio where I have been painting for years,” said Muska. “I paint on it awhile then it’s painted white over top of the colorful layers to reflect the continuous buffing and painting that occurs on our walls in the streets and studio through time, which I felt was a good representation for this collection and for SUPRA. As we progress, we’re constantly changing, but the first designs and advertisements will always remain and be a part of whatever we do next.”
The Decade X Layers Skytop is constructed atop a vibrant pink sole with painted accents and matching foxing tape. The colorful sole and the cushioned EVA footbed have are marked with “Forever,” another detail from Muska’s garage wall painting while the quarter bears a tonal, stitched “X” as a nod to SUPRA’s 10th year.

The Decade X Layers Skytop // .@SupraFootwear The Decade X Layers Skytop // .@SupraFootwear Reviewed by FADED4U on September 02, 2016 Rating: 5

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