Fanny Neguesha - Number One

Drake dropped his short film Please Forgive Me on Apple Music, which loosely follows the plot of Indecent Proposal . The leading lady of the visual is 26-year-old Fanny Neguesha, who's a model, actress, and singer of Italian, Congolese, Rwandan, and Egyptian descent (source: Fader Magazine.)

 Fanny was originally signed to the French division of Def Jam Recordings/Universal Music, but has since been added to the US roster at Def Jam and is recording now.

Photos  ( Photo credits : Armen Djerrahian)

 A young artist of 26 and woman of the world, Fanny Neguesha is very much in tune with the zeitgeist. Her father Italian and her mother Rwandan-Congolese, she grew up in Belgium, Italy and Tenerife.
Her dream physique, devastating smile and fiendish charm make Fanny the muse of a generation. The web addict with a flair for 2.0 has become hugely popular on the social networks: nearly 700,000 are now following her career on Instagram. So Fanny, who can speak 4 languages, has become an opinion leader worldwide, especially in Italy and France, countries where her former celebrity relationship attracted huge media attention and so many people discovered the stunning young woman when she appeared on a number of magazine covers. Dancer, model and TV presenter, the multitalented artist has an American-style outlook: she can do whatever she turns her hand to. Now she has realized a childhood dream: to present her view of life in song, signed to Def Jam France, her first album will be released in 2017.  We also discovered this week her breathtaking acting talents alongside superstar DRAKE in a short film directed by Anthony Mandler & Drake.


Fanny Neguesha - "Number One"
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