"Right Now" - Carlin James -

"Right Now" is released fresh off the heels of Carlin James' last release "Rollercoaster" featuring OVO/XO affiliate Amir Obe.

The Other Way Around is Carlin James debut EP along with producer Jag Ghottra. The title The Other Way Around refers to the concept of “taking one’s own route to success”. The concept expresses the ideology that the majority of people living in today’s society are following the traditional routines in life and continue to live sheltered and structured. Carlin emphasizes the idea of taking your own route to success and not following what the rest are doing. The inspiration of this EP stems from Carlin James’ personal experiences combined with relevent/trendy sounds that are popular in Canada, produced by Jag. The EP was created over a span of a year. Carlin James engineered, performed, & wrote the vocals, Jag Ghottra provided the sound & production. Once the EP was roughly finished, they then took it to Justin Koop at B Town sound who mastered and added the finishing touches to the EP.

"Carlin James expresses his desires to achieve greatness in his latest single "Right Now". The Canadian native takes it back to his roots with this gritty banger, displaying his lyrical ability while touching on the need to struggle and grind for what you want in life. If you haven't heard of Carlin James yet then this track may be enough to make you a believer."

"Right Now" - Carlin James - "Right Now" - Carlin James - Reviewed by FADED4U on October 23, 2016 Rating: 5

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