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Jules Giancola 
    Jules is a Toronto based artist who specializes in ink drawing and acrylic painting. Her work mainly explores nude forms, and the way in which people view the female body. Jules focuses on high contrast and collage techniques in the composition of her work. She uses delicate lines and patterns to render texture and fine detail.

Enna Kim [fongkikid] is a visual artist, whose roots began in a small town of London, Ontario. Merging her Korean traditions and Western influences allowed her to explore the boundaries of what shapes societies' expectations of stereotypes, and the unexpected reality. With dynamic bouts in academics, design, illustration, painting and sketching, Enna's work aims to delve into the depths of her chaotic world in which repetitive forms reveal a small glimpse of her past.

Alexandra Romano
Alexandra is a contemporary artist creating original, abstract expressionism style paintings that feature bold, beautiful, color schemes, as well as texture, drip style, and free flowing fluid paintings. Inspiration is often taken from nature and colour is used in a skillful way to enhance mood and energy; creating visually unique compositions. 
Mash Vass
Whether you call her an artist, designer or photographer, one term ties all these aspects of her personality together - she is a Creative. Maria sticks to two mantras when working. The first being, there is always a story to be told that's up for the artist to find and capture it. Secondly, she always aims to showcase the truth of a story. She hopes her works positively impact others and inspire people to explore the world around them. 
Ashleigh Taillefer
Ashleigh is an artist who uses Acrylic, Oil, Graphite, Ink, Watercolor, Pottery, Metal, and Found object. She says "I am a creative. Like so many I live as an introverted extrovert, a living paradox that by habit of life happens to observe and feel deeply. With interests in History, Astronomy, Anthropology, Science, and the world at large, I have built a school of thought around my work that muses on the universe and our significance and mortality"
Catherine Hennessey

Catherine Hennessey aka PEHDTSCKJMBA is a watercolourist who specializes in portraits. Paints for the challenge of portraying emotion.

Sayaka Imamura
She is a Toronto based multimedia artist originally from Japan, whose Current focus is pyrography on wood. Through her artwork she tries to portray emotions or stories of the subjects and evoke emotions and imaginations of viewers. Working on art is like meditation to her where she loses track of time, space and small matters of everyday life.


Melissa Christine Nunes

She is an artist who uses acrylics and oils for her beautiful work.
Melissa says "My inspiration comes from the emotions I feel on a day to day basis. I've always been intrigued by colour and how it has the ability to impact a person's feelings and mood. That's what I want to do, ignite powerful vibes through colour, through art."

 Ayla Mandel

Ayla says "Visual communication is fundamental to my life. Each and every piece in which I create provides me with a vehicle for my creative voice and acts as a means of self-expression. While much of the world seeks an avenue of escape, art has provided me with an entrance. An entrance into exploring my subject, my materials, my world, and ultimately my self."


 Darrel Chirume 
Darrel is a self-taught Fashion & Lifestyle Photography / Painter / Songwriter. He says "I find inspiration through going out and meeting other millennials,  experiencing each moment, each gesture, each night,  all as one seamless art piece to be put together in these artistic projects and exploits. Art is life."
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