Red Bull Sound Select Limited Edition Capsule Collection #Toronto

Red Bull Sound Select: 30 Days in LA
Announces Limited Edition Capsule Collection Featuring
Toronto’s Nomad // Screvvface 
Modeled By Tasha The Amazon
Red Bull Sound Select Presents: 30 Days in LA has announced the release of an exclusive Capsule Collection featuring upcoming brands and artists from around the globe including a limited edition Black Hoodie by Toronto’s Nomad // Screvvface, modeled by Red Bull Sound Select Toronto artist Tasha The Amazon.

30 Days in LA showcases artists that have been curated by leading music influencers based in 18 cities worldwide. To spotlight the diversity of each city’s creative scene, Red Bull Sound Select has teamed up with local fashion brands on the cutting edge of their communities to create a unique, exclusive run of items.  A limited amount of each item will be available at select shows during this month’s 30 Days in LA shows for early arrivers. 

Nomad // Screvvface featuring Tasha The Amazon featured as part of the Capsule Collection
“The water drop alludes to the feeling of being part of something huge and getting lost in it... the feeling of something swallowing you. The anxiety of our city can have that effect.”

Established in 2005, Toronto retailer Nomad is a multi-faceted boutique known for having the most popular, highly sought-after brands in menswear clothing and lifestyle goods. Joining up with another local clothing brand SCREVVFACE, they’ve created a black hoodie with a design that resonated from one of Toronto's nicknames “Screwface Capital.”

Also featured as part of the Capsule Collection:
  • Los Angeles’s Garrett Leight California Optical modeled by Rene Contreras of Viva Presents
  • New York’s Brooklyn Circus modeled by Cakes Da Killa
  • Chicago’s Jugrnaut modeled by Kweku Collins
In addition, Sound Select is excited to announce Stockholm and Sydney as the newest additions to their global program:
  • Stockholm’s OFFICIAL GALLERY modeled by Cherrie
  • Sydney’s Sydney Romantics modeled by Sampa The Great
“Red Bull Sound Select Presents: 30 Days in LA is at its best when it celebrates the people we work with – here in LA and increasingly more in countries like Sweden and Australia. We love this collection because it's a chance to come together with some of the awesome brands we’ve built relationships with across our network. For the collaboration to highlight artists like Sampa the Great, Kweku Collins, Cakes da Killa, Tasha the Amazon and Cherrie makes it that much more humbling that it’s come together. Fashion and music are coming closer together every day, and we hope this weaves them just a little bit tighter,” said Stephen Canfield, Red Bull Sound Select’s program director.

Red Bull Sound Select Presents: 30 Days in LA events feature carefully crafted lineups with noteworthy headliners including HAIM, Pusha T, Charli XCX + SOPHIE, Aurora and more, while showcasing Red Bull Sound Select artists on each bill including Charlotte Day Wilson, Xavier Omär, Finding Novyon and River Tiber. The festival has proven unique by spotlighting rising artists and diverse venues, exposing fans to future superstars while exploring LA’s signature clubs and theaters. In keeping with tradition from the last two years, the 30-day festival will be punctuated with surprise collaborations and special guests throughout the month.  

Red Bull Sound Select is an accelerator for music artists. We support them by collaborating on ambitious projects and ideas; using the strength of our global network together with a collective of artists, creatives and events to accelerate their growth. The network consists of 18 city residencies, 200+ events each year, 250+ artists, 50 partners and a growing list of our own festivals like 30 Days and 3 Days in Miami. Red Bull Sound Select has released several two-song digital singles from its top hand-picked artists throughout 2016. 

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