This weekend you have the chance to win YOUR CHOICE of the Nike Yeezy Red October 2's or the Nike SB Pigeon SB Dunks. The Yeezy 2s are a size 9.5, the SB Dunks are a size 11. Here's how to enter:

1) Subscribe to this channel (you probably already are!)
2) Comment ONCE your IG handle and First and Last name (this is for the ballot) HERE:
3) Follow me on IG @heatledgerkicks -
4) Check out Netmagnetism:

*Contest opens: Mon January 15th and Closes Sat January 21st at 6 PM ET
* 10 raffle winners will be randomly chosen by the comments below and announced on my IG story on Saturday at 7 PM ET. I will then give the names to Netmagnetism
* Each entry is worth $35 USD. If you want to BUY an entry you can do so @netmagnetism Instagram
* Netmagnetism will announce the raffle winner on his Instagram after all his remaining slots have been purchased and filled
* Yes you could win this pair... for free. Follow the instructions above to enter

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Business contact:
GIVING AWAY $7,000 SNEAKERS THIS WEEKEND! GIVING AWAY $7,000 SNEAKERS THIS WEEKEND! Reviewed by Tony G on January 19, 2017 Rating: 5

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