Keaton Henson is playing The Great Hall on January 17th Toronto

Keaton Henson Announces North American Tour Dates For January 
Kindly Now LP Out Now On Play It Again Sam

US Tour Dates
January 14th Masonic Lodge, LA
January 17th Great Hall, Toronto
January 19th National Sawdust, New York

“One of the most beautiful voices I've heard.” --NPR
 “’The Pugilist’ is a delicate look at compulsion” -FADER
“Within the 12 bittersweet tunes, Henson examines the ghost’s of loves past, the inner workings of self-destruction, and the role that artists play in society” –NYLON
At its close, "No Witnesses" is rewarding; the light warms, a curve in the road offers a change of scenery, and being present for Henson's experience offers a sense of intimacy.” –Interview Magazine
“Henson’s voice confidently builds as the delicate piano crescendos. And that’s the fascinating and admirable thing about Henson: despite his at times crippling anxiety, his delicate voice still stuns us (and perhaps even himself) with its unflinching nerve. In “Alright,” Henson acknowledges his cowardice, but his intensity and warmth surround the listener.” --PASTE

Keaton Henson today announced tour dates in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto. The intimate shows in January will be the first time he’s played in North American for years. Tickets are on sale this Friday November 18th.  His latest record ‘Kindly Now’, which is out now on Play It Again Sam seems to both obscure and reveal, exploring the tension between things: from the traditional piano-led balladeering of Tom Waits and Randy Newman on one hand, to the experimental electronic sounds and tempestuous on the other; and from quiet, interior portraits to a busy, unbalanced landscape. 
‘Kindly Now’ continues an extraordinary journey for Keaton Henson, who quietly released his limited edition, hand-made debut album ‘Dear…’ in 2012, before a surprise Zane Lowe play led to a flurry of investigation into Henson’s identity and whereabouts. Despite choosing not to perform or promote his record in a conventional manner, his heavier second album ‘Birthdays’ saw Keaton make an astonishing return to the live arena: from playing one-on-one for fans, to cinemas, museums and churches internationally. Whilst beginning to write songs for ‘Kindly Now’, Keaton pushed himself in two extreme directions: first, he taught himself the art of orchestration and arrangement, and surprise-released the critically acclaimed collection of bedroom-classical music, ‘Romantic Works’, on the same day as his immediately-sold-out date at London’s Meltdown Festival (at the request of James Lavelle). Then, Henson pushed the more electronic textures of some of his new songs into ‘Behaving’, his first album of wholly-electronic music (also staging a DIY, immersive production of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons for two-sold out nights at Oval Space, in association with The Barbican).
On top of his work as a worldwide-exhibited visual artist, Keaton has recently released his first poetry collection (‘Idiot Verse’) and scored  Balletboyz’ feature-length World-War-One epic ‘Young Men’ in conjunction with the BBC (originally performed at Sadler’s Wells). This has all – one way or another – fed into ‘Kindly Now’: an unheroic and unsettling examination of past loves, the role of the artist, and owning up to your own destruction.

Kindly Now Tracklisting
The Pugilist
NW Overture
No Witnesses
Good Lust
Comfortable Love
Old Lovers in Dressing Rooms
Holy Lover
How Could I have known 

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