‘AXANTHIC’ FW17 COLLECTION Canadian Premiere at #TOMFW17 / .@XianOfficialTwi

‘AXANTHIC’ FW17 COLLECTION Canadian Premiere at TOM* FW FW17

 ‘XIAN OFFICIAL’ by Xian Wang

March 7th, the Toronto fashion scene will be buzzing with the return of ‘XIAN OFFICIAL’ by Designer Xian Wang - fresh from his hit SS16 show at New York Fashion Week. Xian Wang will be showcasing his new ‘Axanthic’ FW17 Collection at TOM* FW FW17, inspired by his recent trip to Hong Kong and Korea and his esteem for the natural beauty and colouring of reptiles.

XIAN OFFICIAL by Xian Wang is one of Canada’s most exciting new labels. This celebrated Montreal Designer has an international following and has appeared in several notable publications from GQ to Huffington Post.  XIAN OFFICIAL is known for its architectural silhouettes, beautifully-crafted trendsetting pieces, traditional tailoring, and luxurious textiles from around the globe. The ‘Axanthic’ FW17 Collection will showcase Xian’s love for classic formal attire, mixed with an Eastern twist on English underground punk flair.

Xian, an avid fan of reptiles, was inspired by the beauty of their skins. Xian said the meaning of the word ‘Axanthic’ “is a color mutation in snakes, lacking red and yellow colors, so the animal looks black, grey, and white.” Xian’s designs use the play on words highlighted in his pronunciation of the word: “‘accent-tic’, the accent being the white letterings, and because everything is black, the white letter accent made this whole collection different.” Never one to shy away from textiles, Xian also uses fabrics that imitate ‘scales’ to pull the aesthetic together with his inspiration: his pet snakes Udon, Thread, and Noodle.

 About ‘Xian Official’ by Xian Wang:
XIAN OFFICIAL shows the world his quiet strength and confidence of ‘XIAN OFFICIAL’ Founded just four years ago, Xian Official is back at TOMFW for the second year in a row, with his third collection. Xian is ready to display his new FW17 Collection on one of the most influential platforms for menswear in Canada. ‘XIAN OFFICIAL’ was created by Xian Wang, originally from Harbin, China, who moved to Canada to study fashion design at Lasalle College. His interest and passion for the arts would later transform into wearable pieces of art from what his admiration for architecture and structure. For more information, please go to xian.zone.
‘AXANTHIC’ FW17 COLLECTION Canadian Premiere at #TOMFW17 / .@XianOfficialTwi ‘AXANTHIC’ FW17 COLLECTION Canadian Premiere at #TOMFW17 / .@XianOfficialTwi   Reviewed by FADED4U on February 17, 2017 Rating: 5

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