.@NmGSyph - "GOING CRAZY" - .@Skeme .@Yakkidivioshi

Artist – SYPH, Skeme, Yakki Divioshi

Sauga City rapper SYPH has returned with a new banger entitled "Going Crazy," featuring LA's Skeme and Atlanta's Yakki Divioshi. Riding an extremely bass-heavy beat, SYPH boasts of his ability to make his city, his coupe and everyone around him go off the chain because his music is just that powerful. If the rest of the planet's gone off the deep end, then why not join in? Listen to "Going Crazy" below

.@NmGSyph - "GOING CRAZY" - .@Skeme .@Yakkidivioshi .@NmGSyph - "GOING CRAZY" - .@Skeme .@Yakkidivioshi Reviewed by FADED4U on February 15, 2017 Rating: 5

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