What You Need to Know about the iPhone 8

What You Need to Know about the iPhone 8

 Tech expert explains why this new phone could cost as much as $1,000

People were in disbelief when it was reveal that Apple’s latest iPhone offering could cost as much as $1,000. Many say that the price is exorbitant, and that people would refuse to upgrade to such a high-priced phone.
However, Karl Volkman, CTO of SRV Network, Inc. and tech trends expert says, “The iPhone 8 is going to be incredibly powerful. Along with 3-D touch sensors and an OLED display, it will also have wireless charging capabilities, a memory upgrade, stainless steel sides, an enlarged screen and a glass backing. For the technology you will be receiving, the high price tag seems understandable. Additionally, current iPhone models can cost up to $900 or more, so it’s not that much of a price jump.”

But a glass backing could be problematic for users, as so many people are prone to dropping and cracking their phone’s screen as it is.
“I don’t think the glass back will be quite the issue that people fear it will be,” says Volkman. “Apple already uses glass casing for iPhone 4/4s, as do many other brands. It will also be more scratch-resistant.”

Volkman believes that the biggest news here is the wireless charging capability. iPhone 8 users will be able to place the phone on an inductive surface to charge their device, rather than grapple with cords. Some businesses such as Starbucks are now offering these charging stations to customers so you don’t need to worry about phone dying while you are out of the house. No doubt Apple will want to become part of this new trend, so iPhone 8 will likely boast this awesome feature.”
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