Hit The High Notes: Fab Career Tips From Music Industry Insiders

So, you want to be a pop singer? It isn’t going to be easy (but, then again, nothing worth it ever is) so you are going to have put in a lot of hard work. To make your journey to success as easy as possible, we’ve spoken to some music industry insiders, and they have given us some remarkable career tips. 

Follow these, and you will definitely end up hitting the high notes!

Be Prepared To Wait For Fame

Some people think that pop stars become famous overnight, but that just isn’t how it works in the music industry. Take a look at Adele. She seemed to come from nowhere and was a big overnight sensation. Well, that was how it appeared to us. But, in actual fact, she had been singing and gigging for a few years before making it big in The States. So don’t expect to be launched into the spotlight once you sign a recording contract. More often than not, it takes a couple of successful albums before a singer becomes a household name.

Get Singing Lessons

Ok, so you sound great when you sing in the shower, but have you ever tried singing into a microphone? If not, you might be surprised at how much the mic can change the sound of your voice! To make sure you aren’t shocked too much, you should get some singing lessons with a professional coast. They will be quite expensive, but you should see them as a good investment that can really help you further your singing career. After a few lessons, you’ll be able to sing even better in the shower!

Start Networking

No matter what type of career you go into, you need to network in order to get your name out there. It’s no different in the music industry. There are loads of networking events where you can go and pass around copies of CDs and tapes to industry professionals. Don’t have any recordings of your music yet? They are pretty easy to obtain, and there are many nationwide copies who can help you with your recording. It’s also a good idea to get some business cards so you can be contacted if your music impresses anyone!

Collaborate With Others

If you know any other singers or musicians, you should consider collaborating with them. You could either form a band together or simply sing and produce a one-off single with them. Collaborating with others in this way is a great publicity stunt. It will be even better if you can persuade someone who is already big in the industry to work with you. They will already have a large fanbase, and working with them will introduce all their fans to your work. It’s pretty much free publicity!
Cracking the music industry isn’t going to be easy, but rolling up your sleeves and getting to work is the best way to succeed in your career as a pop star. Hard work always pays off, especially if you have the talent to back it up!
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