.@adidasOriginals NMD Photo Experience NYC - Curated by Jonathan Mannion

adidas Originals NMD Photo Experience NYC - Curated by Jonathan Mannion

This weekend, adidas Originals hosted an immersive NMD Photo Gallery Experience curated by the world renowned, New York-based photographer and filmmaker Jonathan Mannion. With the aim to elevate and empower the local creative community, Mannion and 15 emerging street photographers participated in an unprecedented photo meetup.

On Friday, the legendary photographer led the photo meetup which culminated in a photographic series of hand-selected work. On Saturday, each photo was displayed in a state-of-the-art group exhibition. Supporting photographers include: @BrianWillette@Kosten and @LastSuspect​​

"Working with adidas on this meaningful NMD project was personally fulfilling on a multitude of levels," said Mannion. "This endeavor gave me a unique opportunity to share the knowledge I've amassed over the last 25 years under inspired, creative conditions.  Imparting my personal process with this crew of emerging photographers allowed me to shape a new generation of talent as well as reflect upon and honor those who helped groom me. I saw myself in each young talent and my affection for them and their future artistic possibilities was evident in the individual studio portraits I was able to capture and gift to each one".


About the Photographers:

Jonathan Mannion is an iconic photographer and film director who has helped to define hip-hop photography for the last two decades. Best known for shooting globally renowned celebrities, music artists and tastemakers, Mannion has worked with the likes of Jay Z, Dr. Dre, Nas, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar and many others.

Brian Willette began photographing in New York in the late 1990s. With a career spanning almost two decades, the photographer and influencer has worked with adidas, Red Bull, Ciroc Vodka, Wallpaper Magazine, Surface Magazine, Time Magazine and many more. Willette has lived and worked in New York, Chicago and now calls Los Angeles home.

Kosten, born Antonio Jaggie, is an urban and commercial street photographer specializing in global campaigns. Best known for lifestyle and landscape photography, Kosten's inspiration behind the lens can be accredited to his heavy skateboarding and graffiti culture influences since his teens.

Last Suspect is a prominent social photographer, influencer and originator of extreme and urban exploration photography. Responsible for building Instagram hashtag movements and social photography communities worldwide, Last Suspect has photographed for the likes of adidas, the Rolling Stones, A-Trak and others.
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