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 With guest appearances from Dessy Hinds from Pro Era, DJ Relly Rell, and JAG, TwonDon drops his second EP 'Paradise Isn't Free'. Covering a lot more ground than his first EP 'Stay Golden', Twon shares a lot more emotion, range, story-telling, and of course lyrical exercise on this one. With something for everyone, 'Paradise Isn't Free' shows the true growth of Twon as an artist.

@TWONDONUC | @southcentralJAG | @DJRellyRell | @DessyHinds_

.@TWONDONUC - Paradise Isn't Free // | .@southcentralJAG | .@DJRellyRell | .@DessyHinds_ .@TWONDONUC - Paradise Isn't Free // | .@southcentralJAG | .@DJRellyRell | .@DessyHinds_ Reviewed by FADED4U on May 08, 2017 Rating: 5

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